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Coffee like you mean it! Montpelier, VT

Big Gear Coffee Roasters

Locally Roasted in Vermont


Our Coffee

Big Gear Coffee sources high-quality coffee beans from around the world. We search for coffee beans that taste both delicious and are complex. We want you to know where your coffee comes from, so our coffee beans have a somewhat transparent history. Most importantly, we aim to roast coffee beans that will provide you with a consistently great cup of coffee. Check out the CONNECT tab to see where you can buy Big Gear in Vermont and beyond.

Our Group Ride blend is an easy-drinking, medium roast coffee that you won’t want to put down. Currently, we source a blend of Guatemalan and Peruvian beans to create this delicious roast.

Our Downhill Flow is a light to medium coffee roast that pushes you to achieve your goals all day long. We like to use an Ethiopian bean for this roast. Ethiopian coffees are also noted for their amazing taste, so keeping this roast on the lighter side allows you to enjoy all of the flavor notes in your coffee!

For those who must have organic, we offer our Apex Organic roast, which is an amazing Peruvian Bean, also from the Chasqui region. This roast is taken to smooth medium finish. You will taste chocolate, citrus and brown spice in this one.

Our Uphill Grind is a bold dark roast for those who like their coffee to grab them and go! Big Gear Coffee currently uses a Colombian bean from the Narino region in this roast. In Uphill, you will taste Caramel, Cherry, Citrus and Milk Chocolate.

Our darkest roast, Roost Espresso Roast, is a bean from the Uganda Mt. Elgon-Bududa region. This lot comes from a group of farms, all UTZ certified. Since forming, group has seen significantly higher yields and more income than non-UTZ supported farmers. This has, in turn, helped more than 500 children go back to school.

At Big Gear Coffee Roasters we want you to stay excited about your morning coffee, that’s why we created Single Track – a rotating single-origin/micro-lot coffee roast. This allows us to share a new special bean with our customers each month. We typically roast this as a medium roast coffee so that the flavor of the bean, farm, and region come through in each cup. Currently, the Single Track is a Brazilian Salmo + bean with heavy notes of cocoa and a bit or raisin and strawberry.

If you need to do decaf, we roast a natural sugarcane decaffeinated bean from Colombia’s Valle de Cauca. Our Downshift roast is a sweet medium cup….you will not believe that it’s decaf!

Each batch of our coffee is carefully roasted and packaged in our small central Vermont location. We pride ourselves in getting our coffee to you when it is fresh. We roast on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and deliver our coffee on Thursdays and Fridays. All shipping is 2-day, priority, so you know that your coffee is fresh!

You are welcome to contact the roastery if you want to stop in and buy your beans directly. We will even fill your own container and give you a 10% discount.


My Big Gear Story

Big Gear Coffee started with a personal “what’s next” search. After many years of working with children, running before and after school programs, I knew it was time for a change. While it would have been easy to return to familiar hobbies and jobs – work with kids, tennis coaching, crafting furniture – I needed to try something new.

What could I do that includes much of what makes me tick and happy? The creative and hands on process of building always seemed natural and was always fun and rewarding. Teaching tennis or any number of things to children and adults has always been great for me. While I was on the way back from one of those “what’s next” soul searching trips, I drove past a small van with a cool coffee roasting logo on the side. I thought, “wouldn’t it be interesting to learn how to roast coffee?” I love coffee, enjoy creating and building (and I like to cook!); it might be interesting to roast real quality coffee. A coffee bean was planted! Through immersing myself in the process of coffee roasting and starting a small roastery of my own, I convinced myself that this was the direction I wanted to go. Big Gear Coffee Roasters was born on that trip home and it was time to get in GEAR!

I strongly believe that we all need a craft and a passion and be able to do something locally that will make us happy each and every day. Hopefully, through the consumption of my coffee, you will also taste and enjoy some of this craft, passion and happiness. –Paul

check out a 4/08 Made in Vermont segment on WCAX t.v.




At Big Gear Coffee Roasters we offer seven different core coffee roasts, as well as a subscription-exclusive coffee roast. As an introductory offer, if you send four of the seven core roasts to your friends, we’ll send you a Big Gear trucker hat as a thank you!



Big Gear Coffee Roasters would love to partner with your cafe, restaurant, market, or workplace. Bulk roasting and developing a roast that suits you, suits us. Learn about how we can meet your business’ coffee needs. Interested in private labeling for your business? Let’s chat!



If you would like high-quality coffee delivered to your door (or a door of your choice) on a recurring basis, you may want to try Big Gear’s coffee subscription service. Sign up to receive your favorite roast, the ever-changing Single Track, or the subscription only Switching Gears. If you are a local customer, you have the option to pick-up your coffee with a biweekly subscription, avoiding shipping and handling fees.

Coffee like you mean it!