Our Brew Tips

As there are countless ways to roast a batch of coffee beans, there are endless ways to brew your coffee.

Whether you prefer drip, pour over, french press, or espresso, we recommend trying the following brew tips to get the most flavor out of your coffee:

1. Keep your coffee beans fresh by sealing them air-tight and keeping them out of the light. Do not refrigerate of freeze your beans.

2. Figure out the right amount of coffee beans that work for your taste and stick with it. The pros (Specialty Coffee Association) say that 2 Tbsp. (10.6 g) of ground coffee beans per 6 oz of water is the standard.

3. If you can, grind the coffee beans right before you brew your coffee.

4. When grinding your coffee beans, use a burr, rather than a blade grinder if you can. Fine tune the grind level that works best for you!

5. Use purified water and get it as close to 200 degrees as possible.

6. Steep/Brew for 4 minutes.

7. Let your coffee cool a bit, then sip, enjoy and look forward to your next cup of Big Gear Coffee!