Downhill Flow

Downhill Flow


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Region: Abaya, Borena Zone, Oromia Region

Altitude: 1900 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: various heirlooms

Producer: Fikadu Abayneh Kebede

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This washed Yirgacheffe Grade 2 Kanketi comes from smallholder farmers in the villages of Foggi and Negele Gorbitu in Abaya which borders the Gedeo Zone in Yirgacheffe. Coffee farming in Abaya started in the 1970s under the European Union's Coffee Improvement Program. Only in the last decade did farmers in Foggi and Negele Gorbitu start coffee production. Coffee from these villages have a bean structure and cup quality that reflect vigor of their youthful coffee trees. Big Gear roasts Downhill Flow to a medium, city roast.